How to use the Velv Wine Oxygenator

Using your oxygenator is remarkably easy and hassle-free.

Preparing your Velv Wine Oxygenator

If you’re using your oxygenator for the first time, or changing a PUREOXYGEN capsule, first unscrew the oxygenator cap, then insert the capsule adaptor into the oxygenator. Once it is inserted, place the rear cap over the capsule and screw, quickly and tightly, the rear cap onto the oxygenator. The green pressure indication pin should pop up, indicating that your Velv Wine Oxygenator is pressurized and ready to use.

Using your Velv Wine Oxygenator

First, uncork the bottle of wine you wish to enjoy. At this point, we recommend pouring out a small sip so you can taste the difference before and after using your oxygenator.

Next, gently insert the oxygen micro-diffuser into the bottle of wine.

Turn the oxygenator activation ring to the ON position and let it treat your red wine for 5-7 minutes (or 3-5 minutes for white wines). If you want to see the oxygenation in progress, shine a light through the bottle.

After preparing the wine, remove your oxygenator from the bottle and enjoy your wine!

Note: Your wine will continue to oxygenate over the next 5-10 minutes.

Cleaning your Velv Wine Oxygenator

To clean your oxygenator, simply rinse the oxygen micro-diffuser under cold water and then dry with a clean soft cloth.

Do not place the body or capsule cap under water. If either of these parts gets wet, dry them with a clean soft cloth.

Note: The Velv Wine Oxygenator is not dishwasher safe.

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